the artist formerly know as Blake

Blake Dyer also known as Sun Dyer is a Musician, Entrepreneur, Lucid Dreamer, World Awakening Activist, Youtube Comedian and general hooligan originally from Park City, Utah.  He lives alternatively between Costa Rica, other parts of the world and actually he doesn't really know where he lives.  Let's just say he's from Earth ;)  He is the COO of Teal Eye, a company and spiritual movement led by Teal Swan, that is built on Authenticity, Community and Self Development.  Blake also films and edits her Youtube series called Ask Teal, that has amassed 40 million views with a following of 350K subscribers.

He sometimes writes in third person when creating personal websites, and generally treats his Identity as a bit of a joke.  But not too much of a joke to hurt his personality too bad.  He is a cancer after all and cancers are sensitive.

Please lets not forget his beautiful Fiance, Lynn Busch.  Who kinda is the same person but cannot be rivaled in her badassery in counseling and coaching people through their issues. Love you.


Photographer: Hal the Computer

Musician: Sundyer