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Lucid Dreaming Interview - Blake Dyer - Robert Waggoner's Monthly Lucid Dreaming Journal

Lucid Dreaming Interview

Tell us a bit about your early dream life? Anything interesting or unusual?

    My dreams have always been quite fantastical.  I grew up in a small ski town in the Rockies.  I would often find myself jumping off large cliffs that were impossibly high.  I remember waking upon landing and being awestruck by their realness.  I would often have action packed dreams or dreams about natural disasters.  One of them years later would make me deeply question what dreams inherently were. 

       I woke up in the dream outside and looking up at the stars.  They were beautiful and I saw a shooting star straight above me.  Then I saw another and another, then it was like a thousand shooting stars at once.  But something was wrong.  They descended upon the city and they were actually alien space ships and they began attacking the city.  They looked like the Independence Day style Alien spaceships and they were firing green lasers everywhere.  We were running around the rubble of the city and trying to escape behind brick walls as they fired. One shot right next to me and it looked like green acid burning a trash pile.  I touched it, but it didn’t seem to hurt me.  After the attack I was walking up a hill and saw the Black versions of my Mexican friends and co- workers at the pizza place I worked at.  I asked them “Hey do you want to go watch the city burn with me?”  I inherently knew it was New York, which is maybe why my subconscious had projected my friends to be Black.  And we climbed the hill and watched the fires. 

    This dream occurred about 6 months before the September 11th attacks.  I’ve had many other dreams of natural disasters and war catastrophe’s that haven’t happened, so I don’t take all my dreams to be premonitions, but this was strange.  Perhaps even more incredible though several years later I returned to that same Pizza Place. I was telling one of my old Mexican Friends about the dream that he had been a Black character in.  He started to get really excited because he told me that he had the exact same dream.  That it started the exact same way,  he described it beginning outside at night.  He said that he looked up and saw not a shooting star but a satellite pass over head, then thousands of them, that then turned into Independence style spaceships.  It was incredible the details to the structure of the dream and the details of Spaceships that shot green lasers.  I haven’t experienced someone having the same exact dream before but it was opening me to the possibility that our dreams can also be a shared space.  If nothing else it opened up the mystery that there was more to be explored.

    2)  When did you first learn about lucid dreaming?  Can you recall your first lucid dream/s?  What prompted your lucid dream awareness?

    I first became aware of Lucid Dreaming after watching the film “Waking Life” where the main character has repeated false awakenings and has/observes several philosophical conversations regarding the perceptions of our reality and the implications of lucid dreaming.  I started lucid dreaming within days of seeing this film. 

    I was in a living room with some friends when I realized that I was dreaming.  I said “Sooo, this is dream.  How about we all just get up and fly out of the window.  I flew upand almost immediately lost control and spiraled back towards the ground.  And was lost back into the unaware dream shortly after.  But the damage had been done and I was hooked.

    3)  Do you remember any of those pivotal early lucid dreams that inspired you? What Happened?

    One of my first Lucid Dreams

    I was again sitting in the pizza place that I worked at during highschool.  I was talking with one of my co-workers and became lucid.  I said to him “Wow, this is a dream, we’re dreaming this is incredible”.  He confirmed to me in the dream that we were dreaming and we had a whole conversation about it.

    I was so excited when I woke up.  I couldn’t wait to find him and talk about our experience.  When I did find him, he didn’t remember a thing.  I was dumbfounded.  The experience was far too real.  I knew that I was speaking to him.  So even though he confirmed that we were dreaming within the dream, he didn’t remember upon awakening.  Was he conscious in the dream, and then forgotten upon awakening?  Was I speaking with his subconscious?  Was he a subconscious aspect of myself that I was just speaking too?  It was so real, I couldn’t but believe that I was speaking to some aspect of him, rather than mine own subconscious.

    4)  What was it about those early lucid dreams that propelled you deeper into lucid dreaming? 

    The magic and creative beauty that I experienced.  I had always had fantastical dreams that left me in awe and wonder of this seemingly limitless realm.  But having the ability to navigate and manipulate that realm at will was just too much.  I’ve always been a very visual and imaginative person.  And it was like being able to step into my own imagination, then taste, touch, smell, hear and experience it.  Lucid dreaming just took it too another level and expanded my idea of reality, what is possible and our limits in this world. 

    I can’t remember if it was a lucid dream or not, but I found myself designing a machine.  This machine was a device to help people learn how to juggle.  If you can think of the space where someone juggles, it’s an oval shape taller than your upper body and about the width of your arms stretched out.  The machine was a technicolored belt that continuously circled around this space.  Within the space that the belt circled, the machine slowed down time. So you could experience throwing and catching the balls in a slowed down time reality while observing it in real time.  This helped improve muscle memorization more quickly because you could actively watch where the balls would fall and place your hands there with less mistakes.

    How cool is that!?  I’m sure the implications of such a design might be more useful to society outside of juggling, but it was like stepping into my own imagination.  Other than my learning to juggle for the previous 6 months in waking life before that dream, I don’t know where that idea came from.  Or doubt I would have come up with such an idea outside the dream realm.

    5) Atthat time, what induction the techniques/s did you rely upon tobecome lucid? 

    Some of the techniques that I learned through the film Waking Life, included flipping light switches, checking clocks, reading text looking away then trying to read it again, and counting fingers on my hands.  All techniques worked on and off but I like the technique of my hands the best, because they’re always there.  And after so many times, it doesn’t take much to realize that I’m dreaming. 

    6) Real World lessons and Life Altering consequences of Lucid Dreaming and the launch pad of the most pivotal dream of my life

    I always used to say “I am a bad teacher”.  I’m not sure where I picked up this belief but undoubtedly it came from a poor self concept and the belief that I was never good enough.  Around 5 years ago, whenever I became lucid I would begin teaching other dream characters about and how to wake up in the dream.  I would go through the list of techniques I knew to tell whether you were dreaming or not.  After so many times of me telling this story in waking life and saying “I was teaching them”, I realized that I was indeed a teacher.  I realized how limiting of a belief my say “I’m not a good teacher” really was.  And that I was missing out on sharing something that I loved to do and even taking the next step to mastering a craft.  But it also made me realize that everyone is a teacher and saying that you are a bad teacher is essentially saying that you aren’t good at anything.  Which is completely untrue for any living soul.  Everyone is good at something (or better than someone else at something) and therefore a teacher.

      Then, I had a life altering dream. 

    I was in a grocery store when I woke within the dream.  I gathered a group of about 3 dreamers and began teaching them about how to wake up and recognize they were in a dream.  Two women wearing owl masks were listening in on the conversation from the outside.  I became suspicious of them listening in and I said “Hi There :) , if you’re so interested why don’t you join us, or you can get the %#^& out of here” (This was a time in my life where I was beginning to step more into my own power).  One of the women, is a startled manner said “Woah, And THIS, is who you’ve decided to Wake Up!?”  Then t the women turned into Owls and flew through the back of a solid wall.  I followed them to see where they went but upon coming to the solid wall I turned back into the dream.  I heard a deep voice from seemingly everywhere state “Look Deeper”.  So upon looking deeper, I saw there were some gaps in the wall and in-between those gaps a couple of handles.  I grabbed the handles and opened it up to a square opening into blackness.  There were some metallic pinchers receding into the blackness that resembled the bottom of a millipede.  I thought to myself “this is awesome, should I go tell those other dream characters?”  The Voice then returned and said “The fall is more graceful for some, than it is for others”.  I took that as a sign to go alone.  

    I let the metallic pinchers carry me into the blackness.  I could feel them on my face on all over my body and it was surprisingly gentle.  I was carried down to a platform that seemed to be floating in the middle of space.  As I entered I could see Two large old men.  It was just their heads on elongated necks, with large noses and they seemed to be made of gold.  And they were extremely grumpy.  At this point in the dream I knew this was a test and I knew I had been there before.  I said in a jovial tone “You guys, great to see you again” with a big smile on my face.  In a surly manner one of them said “I wouldn’t be so happy to see the person that failed ME last time”.   I replied “Oh, the past the past”.  They proceeded to ask me a series of questions that related to the true value of the workshops we host in waking life.  The answers came in the form of 3 keys, 2 large Golden ones and a smaller key.  I immediately knew the answer was how people are healed and had nothing to do with money.  This key that I grabbed almost before they were even finished talking opened a small doorway.  I went through this door and was walking on a smaller version of our world.  I was walking with a friend and holding an iron.  I remembered at this moment wanting to do something powerful in the dream world.  I looked up at the moon and decided that I would turn it into a high powered magnet.  Immediately all the metal on this little earth began to rise up towards the moon.  Even my friends purse began to rise up off her shoulder.  At this point I remember being taught how to manipulate water within the dream.  I looked out over the ocean and created a massive whirlpool that started to swirl.  It took out a large brick building that was in the ocean.  Keep in mind, I have been lucid this entire time.  It was definitely the longest lucid dream I’d ever had.  At this point I came to yet another gate.  This time it was made of glass and there were stars all over it.  My friend Teal and an older woman in spiritual clothing was on the other side.  Again i immediately knew the “code” to get through and pressed the stars that made a combination of two separate constellations.  Once I passed through this gate, I inherently knew that I was in a realm where everyone was lucid and awake in the dream.  They showed me the test that I had been put through to get there.  I observed where I had been confused and failed before.  They showed me a map of humanity.   There was a system of roots and fog and I could see people walking underneath, asleep in the dream.  There was a whole section for Manhattan.  Everyone was separated in these cell like rooms and everyone had glowing cell phones above there faces.  This is where the dream dissolved. 

    Upon waking, I was literally high for 4 days.  “I passed the Test!!”  It was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced.  The following year I incorporated the manipulation of water in my “dream teachings”.  Anything from lifting an entire swimming pool out of it’s basin to simply redirecting the stream of a faucet.  After that year, I received a message over facebook from a woman I had never met in person.  She said “Blake, you were in my dream last night.  You were teaching me about Universal Truths and Water Properties”.  It was incredible.  I thought back to one of my first lucid dreams having the conversation with my friend and knowing that I was speaking to him and not just a subconscious aspect of myself.  To me, when she sent me that message, it proved to me that the dream world at least part of the time is a shared subconscious reality.  Although I don’t remember that dream specifically I knew I was doing that in dreams.  So that's the beginning of my story to Lucid Dreaming, I so look forward to diving into mine own subconscious and expanding this reality that we know. 

    Blake Dyer