the artist formerly know as Blake

A Thought on Intentional Community

Facebook has been a massacre with Political Posts. The internet blares its true colors. Especially with an inhumane side of nasty comments made in anonymity. Verbally raping each other in a blind war, where we are lead to believe the leaders are either Liberal or Conservative. And that the problems that exist in our world and society stem from those who are not like us. I do believe this is a condition of fear perpetuated by media but it is also remarkably irresponsible. Seeing problems in our world, and doing nothing about them is irresponsible, even if it IS someones job to solve those problems for you (i,e. the government + it's representatives), but obviously this system is broken, and heavily invested in itself. The system works only if everyone is involved in it. That was my biggest eye opener interning through the Utah State Legislature. That the system works, but only if everyone is involved, but this isn't the case and I greatly question whether a system can be so large and humanitarian at the same time. Writing Posts on facebook is a start to change. It isn't the answer but it is a medium for which ideas can come our of your mind and onto paper. Also its a place to organize, but if you aren't actually meeting people in person face to face because of it, it might as well be another tool of isolation and anonymity. For a long time Ive seen Intentional Community as the answer. The return to village style life, whatever this looks like to you in our modern day society. To me it still involves apple computers and Mr Coffee. I don't care how you do it. But it involves living with other people other families and where people cook together, clean together, help watch each others' kids. I've lived like this for 13 years and its amazing, especially the pressure it takes off of parents, and answers the problems of being able to work, and have your children raised by strangers and nannies. Throw in the element of growing food and you damn near have a sustainable system. But hey, if you trust that the corner store will always provide, knock yourself out. Living with others is not always easy and it takes courage and commitment to work on your personal issues with one another. It takes courage to be vulnerable, but that is where I see the real change and the real heroes in this world. Knowing how to communicate isn't always 2nd nature to people, but if you want content on Conflict Resolution or Emotional presence, I have that up the wazoo. The first step is to live with each other again. the single family household has destroyed our humanity. In all of this messed up world, the worst part is that we don't have each other. So the first step is to live with each other again. Truly Live. Watch each others kids, do someone else's dish, take responsibility for a hurtful comment. change comes from within, It doesn't form from someone imposing a law from 1000 miles away. Change your home, the world will follow.